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Healing is a Way of Life

Talks by Canon Jim Glennon

About Canon Jim Glennon

Canon Jim Glennon suffered a nervous breakdown. He couldn’t find healing until God spoke to him directly. After he was healed he devoted his life to showing others how they, too, could be healed.

Canon Glennon said: ‘Let your problems enable you to trust, not in yourself but in God, and make it a way of life. It is simple. It is straightforward. You will have to persevere, but it will work for you in the same way as I have found it worked for me and for many, many others.’

‘Canon Glennon’s is the first teaching that has actually told me how to do what I should do!’ Helen Kahane, Canberra.

Alfred James Glennon, AM (1920–2005) conducted the Healing Service in St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, from 1960 until his retirement in 1988. He was also instrumental in establishing the Healing Ministry Centre at Newtown in 1985. After his retirement he spoke at conferences and seminars in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the USA. He was invited to establish a healing service and teaching ministry at St Mary the Virgin, Waverley, where he ministered until his death in June 2005.

He wrote two books on healing: Your Healing Is Within You (1978) and
How Can I Find Healing? (1984). Both are still in print.

The Healing Ministry continues today at St Andrew’s Cathedral Sydney and The Healing Ministry Centre, Golden Grove, Newtown, under the leadership of the Reverend Christopher Allan.

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