This site was first established on October 15, 2001.


Little Stuff About Lyndsey

This is Vasil Boglev's site...he does work in black & white and color.  Some of his main topics are: Australia, Macedonia, World, and Choices.  These are very impressive shots.  They all tell a story in a single click of the shutter.  That is what I find so amazing about photojournalism, is that an entire story can be seen in a glimpse.  One photograph can be studied and interpreted several different ways by different people.  That's just the thrill of it, I guess, is that it is never boring to me!!!!


Little Stuff About Lyndsey

Saturday, December 7, 2002




Long-time NCA member Vasil Boglev takes us on a leisurely stroll through street life in Sydney, working in both colour and black and white. The everyday moment is caught wide-angle in several series of 'snapped shots' which will only grow in value as social documentary with the passage of time.


Nikon's Lighter Reading

November, 2004