Grevardi Royal Eclipse


Colour: Perlino
Registered AMPS AM6742F
APSB 12255 S Vol. 22
DOB: 05/02/2002
Height: 83cm
Sire: Caritas Silent Knight
Dam: Glenelen Frangipanni



Eclipse is a joy to handle with impeccable manners.
(Note his mane & tail which is changing to that beautiful coffee colour)
Runs with his mares all year round.

Chrysler Park Asset



Colour: Buckskin
Registered AMPS AM1297F
National Buckskin Society Reg
DOB: 23/10/1989
Height: 83.3cm (4)
Sire: Chrysler Park Equity
Dam: Kalang Lu Lu



Asset is now 21 years and still looks like a 10 year old.
Photo taken 10th December 2010 beautiful temperament so lovely to handle.
He was gelded approximately 1 month ago with no after effects, now he can enjoy his retirement with the girls without being harassed by them - (as with all my stallions they have always run with their girls all year round as nature intended.)