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Literary Liaisons
Updated 12 September 2011

Literary Liaisons is written by Murray Waldren


  The Mind and Times of  Reg Mombassa 

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Interviews and profiles

Write a song for me

& Paulo Coelho    
The pilgrim's pursuit
The James Dean of Japanese literature
& Dean Koontz       
   The Dean Machine

& Patrick Gale        
Land's End landscaper
& Michael Cunningham    
Man of the hours
& Douglas Coupland
Doug Day Afternoon

& J.G. Ballard           
Dystopia Now
& Geraldine Brooks             
The time traveller
& Colleen McCullough
Lady Blockbuster

 & Sally Vickers          
       A gift of real time         
  & Anne Patchett               
The ghost of Lucy Grealy
Dangerous places

 & Jasper Fforde         
The Fforde Ffenomenon
 & Daniel Handler          
Behind Lemony Snicket
 & Robert Wilson      
Seville service

Into the unknown
& Duy Long Nguyen       
Longy: Hard man, healing hands
& Jon Cleary            

The man who was Maigret
&  Jane Campion               
Bright Star
& Peter Robb            
The mysterious crusader

Artist, environmental activist
& Robert Dickerson       
Battling Bob fights back
& Ray Crooke         
Crooke's paradise

& Betty Churcher 
 Churcher's war
& Len French                
The painter's painter
& Bill Leak            
Trading Places

&  Cathy Kelly       
Kelly Country
& Sarah Murgatroid        
Out of Ireland

& Tim Winton
& Tom Keneally
& Rob Drewe

& Richard Ford 

& Pam Stephenson  The Billy Connolly story

 & Alan Duff

& Roger McDonald 
The Tree in Changing Light


& Roger McDonald

Mr Darwin's Shooter

& Kate Grenville 
Orange Prize winner

& Brian Moore 

& Martin Cruz Smith 

& Ian Rankin 

& Richard Flanagan 

& Jon Cleary 

& Morris West 

& David Foster 

& Marele Day 

& Sonya Hartnett  

& Gillian Mears 

& Geoffrey Blainey  

& Malachy McCourt  

& Nick Earls 

& Venero Armanno  

& Nikki Gemmell Love Song

& Sara Douglas  

& Garry Disher 

& Barry Oakley  

& Joyce Carol Oates 
Middle Age


& Sandy McCutcheon 

& John Hooker 

& John Dale 

& Gaby Naher 

& Charlotte Wood
The Submerged Cathedral

& Isobelle Carmody  

& Bem Le Hunte   

& Fiona Capp  

& Lin Bloomfield  

& Morag Fraser

& Robin Dalton  

& Ray Parkin  

& Caiseal Mor  

& Peter Minack  

& Jack Dann

& Colin Falconer  

& Stephen Scheding  

& Elizabeth Honey 

& Marion Halligan &  Rosanne Fitzgibbon  

& Suneeta Peres da Costa 

Morris West: interviews and articles
& Morris WEST interview

  The Last Confession    A Chapter Closes   Intrigue of last writes   They came to bury, and praise

Book Reviews

 & John MARSDEN - Secret Men's Business                                          & Andrew MASTERSON - The Last Days

   & Stephanie JOHNSON -  The Whistler                                                                & Gabrielle LORD - The Sharp End   

   & Nikki GEMMELL - Cleave                                                                             & Peter HOEG - The Woman & the Ape  

 & Robert GREENE The 48 Laws of Power                                      & Tobsha LEARNER - Madonna Mars 


Other articles  

& Brett Whiteley - the bio wars 

& Peter Kocan - Portrait of a loner

& The rise and rise of Lesa-Belle Furhagen The publisher juicing up the magazine market

& Do we really need more testosterone? Manopause and the male HRT  

& The Decade of Division Overview of the 1990s                         & Boys' Own List: fiction of the top 100 fiction 

 & Memory overload Why our brains hurt                                               & School principles Sexual discrimination

 &  Colin Friels The Actors' Actor                                                                     & Andrew Rogers Sculptor at large

 & From Bland Street to Bosnia - Geraldine Brooks wins Kibble                       & Bob Carr The reluctant premier  

   & Sweet word of youth:  young writers making their mark                                & Consumerism vs writers festivals



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