Lemmings Sprites

Lemmings Sprites Background Information

After DMA Design moved into their first offices they began work on the computer game "Walker". Scott Johnson designed animations of the computer game characters as 16x16 pixel sprites. To prove that computer game characters with personality were possible even at 8x8 pixel sprites, David Railly designed even smaller animated characters, along with bizarre death animations. Gary Timmons designed more death animations, at which point Russel Key remarked "There's a game in that!". Russel Key then developed a demo version which he presented to Psygnosis in September 1989.

The colors of the lemmings were chosen because of the EGA palette the developers had to work with, from which it was felt the blue-green color scheme looked the best. DMA staffer Dave Jones decided they would keep the game and Timmons and Johnsons developed the graphics.

Lemmings Walking Sprite

lemmings walking sprite

Lemmings Climbing Sprite

lemmings climbing sprite

Lemmings Floating Sprite

lemmings floating sprite

Lemmings Falling Sprite

lemmings falling sprite

Lemmings Dying Sprite

lemmings dying sprite