The Deutz

The Deutz 6 cylinder oil engine and A.E.G. alternator was imported from Germany in 1934 by the Toowoomba Electric Light Co. for electiricity generation.

It was commissioned in November 1934 in the T.E.L. Co. Power Station in Victoria Street, Toowoomba. After 22 years and 50 000 hours running, the engine was transferred to the Roma Electric Authority Power Station in 1956.

It was decommissioned in 1966 after the new Power Station was built. The plant then lay idle for 20 years until 1986 when it was sold for scrap. An enthusiast, Mr. Rex Redding, purchased the plant to save it from the scrappy.

Highfields Pioneer Village purchased The Deutz in 1997 to preserve it for future generations. With funding from Ergon Energy the engine will be restored to its former glory and will be run on special days.

"Friends of Pioneer Village" are doing the restoration under the watchful eyes of Mr. Noel Parker. Former employee of T.E.L. Co., Noel spent many hours working alongside The Deutz in the Power Station. Noel sadly passed away in 2008 and is missed by fellow volunteers and friends.

Bore 400mm, Stroke 700mm
600HP at 250RPM
1000HP at 250RPM (with supercharger fitted)