Horse Drawn Pump

The horse-drawn water pump was made by Tulloch & Co in their factory at Phoenix Iron Works, in Sydney in 1890. Only one of these water pumps was manufactured. It was designed by the Narramine Shire Council Engineer for a specific purpose.

When the drovers used to bring mobs of cattle (1500 head) from Queensland through New South Wales on their way to Melbourne which was the main shipping point, they would camp at Narramine and after the cattle had drunk their fill from the MacQuarie River the drovers would bed down for the night. Because the MacQuarie River was also the town water supply a huge pollution problem was caused by the big mobs of cattle bogging up the bank.

The pump was paid for by arrangement by the stockroute board and when it was manufactured it was set up on the bank of the river, which was then venued off and the water pumped from the river to open drains similar to bore drains. When the drovers got to know about the pump they would send a man and horse a couple of hours ahead of the mob so that by the time the mob arrived the drains would be pumped full of water. This eliminated the pollution problem.