Yaesu FTM-350 & VX-8R/DR/GR Bluetooth connection page
Brand name Model number Paired code Paired: Yes/No Mono/Stereo Callsign
------------ --------------- ------------ ---------------- -------------- --------
Aoem GW-BT-002 1234 Yes M G0MNI
BlueParrott B250XT (Roadwarrior) 0000 Yes M G3UGF
IO-Gear H201 ???? No ST N9LJ
Jabra 3010 0000 Yes (not working) M JA1OGS/VK4GO
Motorola BH-9 miniblue 0000 Yes M M6LCM
Motorola BH-15 0000 Yes M VR2VJJ
Motorola BH-300 0000 Yes M KC6MER
Motorola BH-500 0000 Yes M N9IY
Motorola BH-555 0000 Yes M N9YRX
Motorola BH-680 0000 Yes M ?????
Motorola BH-710 0000 Yes M N9IY
Motorola BH-820 0000 Yes M M6LCM & N9OXO
Motorola S9-HD 0000 Yes ST KD7CAC
Motorola S-305 0000 No M/ST KG6VDW
Nokia N-95 0000 Yes M JA1OGS/JE1WVQ
Nokia BH-212 0000 Yes M K0TAR
Nokia BH-903 0000 Yes M/ST JA1OGS/VK4GO
Plantronics M55 v3.0 0000 Yes M/ST DD6MA
Plantronics 320 0000 Yes M EA7OC
Plantronics 395 Explorer 0000 Yes M DL5YDJ
Plantronics 520 0000 Yes M N9OXO
Plantronics 835 0000 No M DL5YDJ
Plantronics 925 0000 Yes ST KC9NDR
Plantronics 590A 0000 Yes M/ST KG6VDW
Plantronics 640 0000 Yes M DL5YDJ
Plantronics 906 (Backbeat) 0000 No M/ST KG6VDW
Plantronics 975 (Discovery) 0000 Yes M KG6VDW
Palm Treo ???? 0000 Yes M KE7YKP
Samsung WEP460 0000 Yes M WB0DSF
Sennheiser MM-450 0000 Yes M/ST DL5YDJ
Shenzhen (SHC) BTHS-NOK N95 0000 Yes M JA1OGS/VK4GO
Sony Ericsson HBH-PV708 0000 Yes M JA1OGS/VK4GO
Sony Ericsson HBH-PV710 0000 Yes M JA1OGS/VK4GO
Sony Ericsson MW-600 0000 Yes ST DL5YDJ
Verizon Jawbone 0000 Yes M N9OXO
Yaesu BH-1 6111 Yes M/ST JA1OGS/VK4GO
Yaesu BH-2 6111 Yes M JA1OGS/VK4GO
If you have real true information about a working bluetooth headset with the Yaesu FTM-350 & VX-8R/DR/GR models.
Please send me a email with details included the Paired code, so I can updating this webpage again.

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