Validation number for the UI-View APRS Software information.
Access to the internet APRS servers is controlled with validation numbers. Without a validation number, you can send data to the server,
which can be seen by other directly connected stations, but your data will not be allowed to pass through IGATEs, and your own system
cannot act as an IGATE.

You can see if the other station have a Validation number setup ok.
See the end this page for link to register free your famous UI-View APRS software

 1  The left picture is the effectivedigi path &  frame TCPXX is without a number.
 2  The right picture is with a Validation number and show TCPIP correct for the internet connection.
 3  See in the setup APRS Server setup window where to put in the 5 digit number.
     First delete the -1 then typ in number what is in you email together with you registration number. See picture below sample...

A other thing is a good idea fill in a beacon comment in station setup, so the other stations can see with is your Name,Qth and how to contact you.

To apply for a real free registration & Validation number see the link below

Registration page for all country`s
Japanese Registration Email JA6NKA (Massy)

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