VK4GO - JA1OGS SSTV Information Page  04-01-2014
Slow-Scan via internet free InterAce software
RF Transceiver free MMSSTV or EasyPal software

See the download links below
Internet Slow-Scan SSTV(InterACE)
InterACE Firewall Port: TCP 27223 & UDP-5189\UDP-5199
Internet Acces: acetv.mcc.ac.uk (Port 80)
Do not forget to open your Firewall  Internet Router Ports without it not works on RX..!!

EasyPal with Repeater function for HF\VHF\UHF only
Frequency VHF Cairns-city FNQ: 145.625MHz simplex
Frequency HF Worldwide: 14.230MHz
Frequency HF Worldwide: 14.236MHz repeater with access tone 1750Hz
Frequency HF Worldwide: 21.340MHz mostly Japanese Asian stations

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Link to: EasyPal Software (VK4AES)
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