Welcome to the VK4GO - JA1OGS Hamradio setup Base & Mobile Info Page   22-01-2020
Atherton town APRS-D-Star Digipeater System VHF & UHF Internet (I-GATE)
Australia Atherton Tableland ----- Long:145.28.57E Lat:17.16.59S Asl:780m

The beacon location is going every 30 minutes
APRS Freq: 145.175MHz - D-Star Hotspot Freq: 438.900MHz (Simplex)

Home Base System Information:
Callsign: VK4GO Base station
Weather station: Model WH3081 wireless system
Weather station: Oregon WMR-928NX (not in use)
APRS connection Internet: queensland.aprs2.net:14580 filter port
Power Supply: Diamond GSV3000 30A (liniar regulated)
Power Supply: DSE Q-1755 12V 30A (switch mode)
Transceiver: Yaesu FTDX-1200 HF base station included DSV-6, FFT-1, SCU-17
Transceiver: Kenwood TM-D700A 25watt output (use with PC UI-View APRS Digipeater VK4GO-3)
Transceiver: Anytone AT-878 plus vhf uhf Digital/Analog handheld for DMR (21/01/2020)
Transmitter: WSPR with a Raspberry Pi2 HF TX only about 10mw output to End-Fed antenna (not in use)
Power meter DP-1 for the WSPR power output check mW dBm SWR
Digital interface: Signalink USB for HF radio (not in use)
Digital interface: DV4mini USB Stick (DMR, D-Star, C4FM, P25)
Digital interface: Jumbo Spot China MMDVM with RPi-0 (DMR, D-Star, C4FM, P25)
Digital interface: Yaesu SCU-17
TNC APRS: Gateway-Digipeater Kantronics KPC-3plus (not in use)
TNC APRS: Tinytrak-4 with display and Keyboard (not in use)
Antenna: Homebrew HF Magnetic portable loop (14-21-28MHz) (not in use)
Antenna: End-Fed 7-50MHz USA w3dzz model use for HF Digital (not in use)
Antenna: G5RV 3.5-30Mhz full size wire (use for HF digital mode)
Antenna: Cushcraft A505S 50Mhz 5 Elements beam
Antenna: Diamond CP-6 HF/50MHz vertical (not in use)
Antenna: Diamond X50 Dualband VHF/UHF
Antenna: Comet CYA-2375 VHF-UHF satellite beam (not in use)
Computer: Asus X502CA Notebook Windows-10 (64bit)
Computer: Pentium 4 3.4GHz Acer X1800 Desktop Windows-8 (64bit)
Computer: Pentium 4 1.8GHz Sony Viao Notebook (VGN-FZ15G Windows-7 faulty)
Computer: Asus S101 mini Notebook portable (Windows-10)
Computer: Fujitsu FMV-Biblo NB55J/T Notebook (Japanese Windows XP)
Computer: Monitor AOC 24" connected to the Desktop Acer X1800 PC
Computer: Monitor ViewSonic 22" connected to Raspberry Pi for testing (not in use)
Computer: Lenovo TAB-4 8" Table Android 7.1 with GPS
Computer: Raspberry-Pi2 use for WSPR or other projects
Computer: Raspberry-Pi3 inbuilt WiFi for all digital voice mode
Software: Ham-Radio Deluxe for HF and Satellite tracking system
Software: UI-View APRS for the tracking system
Software: APRS-IS32 APRS for the tracking system
Software: AGW-Tracker APRS (not using)
Software: WinAPRS full version (Not using it anymore)
GPS unit: BT-i747 Bluetooth Data Logger

Yaesu Fusion System Information:
Callsign: VK4GO-Art Home DTMF 14024 & 24024 (Australia-FNQ)
Transceiver Yaesu FT-2D Portable
Interface:Yaesu HRI-200 Wires-X
Software:Yaesu Wires-X
Digital interface: Jumbo Spot China MMDVM with RPi-0 (DMR, D-Star, C4FM, P25)

D-Star System Information:
Callsign: VK4GO-m (Mobile) VK4GO-p (Portable)
D-Star Radio Icom ID-31A
D-Star Hotspot Raspberry-Pi Software G4KLX

DMR Radio System Gear:
Transceiver: Anytone AT-878 plus DMR/FM handheld (VHF UHF) 1-5watt output
All mode Digital interface: DV4mini all digital mode USB dongle 10Mw output
Digital interface: Jumbo Spot China MMDVM with RPi-0 (DMR, D-Star, C4FM, P25)

Mobile Portable System Information:
Callsign: VK4GO-9 (Mobile) VK4GO-7 (Portable)
Frequency: 145.175Mhz (APRS)
Transceiver: Kenwood TH-D7A (faulty not in use)
Transceiver: Yaesu FT-2D APRS + C4FM 5Watt output (VK4GO-7)
Transceiver: Yaesu VX-3 2x (mini handheld Australia & Japanese version)
Transceiver: Icom ID-31A (D-Star Digital & Anolog handheld with inbuilt GPS 5Watt)
Antenna: VHF-UHF mobile whip (Nagoya U-108)
Tablet: Lenovo Tab-4 8" with Android-7.1, GPS, APRSdroid, Sygic Navigation
PocketPC: Mio P-550 3.5" (Digiwalker) Windows-CE ,GPS (faulty not in use)
Software: APRS-CE (PPC)
Software: AGW-Tracker (PPC)
TNC Kantronics KPC-3 (not in use)
TNC Kantronics KPC-3+ (not in use)
GPS unit: Ublox GPS/Glonass U-Block7 (USB connection)
GPS unit: Garmin GPS-V (SiRF-II)
GPS unit: Garmin GPS-35PC (SiRF-II)
GPS unit: Garmin GPS-16 VLP (SiRF-II)
GPS unit: Globalsat BR-355 serial in the car for FTM-400DR
GPS unit: Globalsat BU-353 USB 2x for notebook and Raspberry
GPS unit: BT-i747 Serial & Bluetooth Data Logger (SiRF-III)
GPS unit: Iphone with Windows-6.1 GPS (SiRF-III) for mapping
GPS unit: HTC Wildfire Mobile phone with Sygic,APRSdroid & Echolink
GPS unit: Lenovo K50a40 5.5" Mobile phone with Sygic, APRSdroid &Echolink
GPS unit: Lenovo Tab 4 8" TB-8504F Mobile with Sygic Australian mapping system
GPS unit: MHorse 5.5" Mobile phone with APRSdroid and ircDDB control (D-Star)
CW Key: PMG Straight key
CW Key: HK-708 Straight key
CW Key: Heathkit HD-1410 Lambic keyer
CW Key: K42 CW Keyboard keyer display monitor
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