World APRS Frequency information

For some Asian Country's is it very difficult to find a good APRS dedicated VHF frequency, there are many stations without a real hamradio licence and without a government control.

144.390 MHz   USA-Canada,Philippines,Indonesia,Malaysia,Brunei,Columbia
144.425 MHz   Hongkong Island eastside
144.525 MHz   Hongkong
144.575 MHz   New-Zealand
144.640 MHz   Japan 1200 & 9600Bd
144.660 MHz   Japan 9600 & 1200Bd
144.675 MHz   South-Africa (East London)
144.750 MHz   Russia (Moscow area)
144.800 MHz   Europe & Africa
144.900 MHz   Australia (VK3 area only)
144.930 MHz   Argentina
145.010 MHz   Costa Rica-Nicaragua-Panama-Venezuela
145.175 MHz   Australia (National wide)
145.525 MHz   Thailand
145.570 MHz   Basil
430.650 MHz   Poland (Poznan area)
431.000 MHz   Japan (Navitra system only)
439.100 MHz   Australia (VK3 area only)
439.400 MHz   Greece

Satellite GO-32             145.850/435.225 (9600 bps, FSK)
Satellite NO-44 & ISS   145.825 MHz

10.147.6 KHz USB Australia HF Gateway (FSK-200 shift with 300 BPS)
10.151.0 KHz USB Worldwide
14.103.0 KHz LSB Russia
14.105.0 KHz USB Worldwide

All frequency`s are simplex if you have more information about you country please send me a email