APRS Server traffic filter setup page 07-05-2015

Here is a short information how to setup a traffic filter for the UI-View Software. If you using a APRS Server with  10152 port you getting about 4000-7000 stations worldwide on the map.

The best way is using a APRS Server with a filter port 14580. If you install the UI-view software this port 14580 is not in the listing, so you have to edit or replaced a server in the UIVIEW32.INI file.

Windows-XP the file is in the main directory c:\programfiles\peaksystem\uiview32 there you will find the uiview32.ini (configuration) file.

Or look for this directory c:\programs\uiview32 there you will find the uiview32.ini (configuration) file.

Note-1: If you using Windows-7,8 best way install and use a new directory like c:\programs\ui-view32 software here !!! (Do not use programfiles\peaksystem)

The new APRS Server line text should edit or replace at the near end bottom page make this after finish saved it.

Then restart the UI-View Software again and go to setup top screen main menu and select aprs server setup.
See below the pictures select the a new filter server for example or Select only 1 server !!
Make sure you typ in the validation number this 4 or 5 digit number comes with the registration for connection using via the internet.
Typ in the log-on text see photo again after finish all close it, and go to action to connect to APRS Server and see what happen.

The best way is for you to use a asian Japan filter server what is near your country see below 1,2,3,4,5,6  and use this filter text
** filter a/55/64/-10/178 **
This special filter text I give it the name Asianblock filter with this you will see stations from India to Guam.
When using a server from the list below you can also see stations from other countrys like USA,Germany,UK,Sweden ect ect
(1) Asia filter
(2) Aus filter

Note-2: Remember select only 1 server near your location !!!

Have a good look the Extra log-on text.

1 Left picture show a setting with the Asian filter block setup.

2 Right picture show the filter setting with country prefix like a /JA/JD/VU/HZ/BD for Japan,India,Saudia-Arabia,China You always can edit this to see other country`s (Remember all UPERCASE !!

3 Or if you like to see all asian stations from India, Japan,Indonesia,Malaysia,Philippines,Guam use this filter text.filter a/55/64/-10/178

4 If you like to see from Lebanon Saudia-Arabia India Indonesia China Japan to Guam use this.filter a/47/31/-10/179

5 You also can combine a filter text like: filter a/47/31/-10/179 p/W/VE3  to see included all W and VE3 stations.

You will see with this setting only about 25 - 400 stations, so is much better for the internet bandwidth use.
Good luck all any questions please ask me maybe I have a answer for you..

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