Automatic-Position-Report-System (APRS)
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Software and Information

HF Digital Chat software like PSK31 .. (SW name is sim_psk)
Download Teamviewer (TMV) remotely software
APRS Software UI-View (for the Windows OS system)

Create a APRSdroid Passcode number .. (Write it down keep this)
APRS Software APRSdroid .. (For a Android Smart Phone with GPS)
APRS Instructions APRSdroid .. How to setup APRSdroid phone
How to setup photos UI-View software
APRS Software Registration Worldwide
How to setup a APRS Digi or Mobile/Portable station
How to edit uiview32.ini config file
Instruction setup software (English)
Soundcard connection page...for the Transceiver
Soundcard or TNC connection software AGWPE
All information AGWPE page
APRS SSID Guide information
JT-65 HB9HQX free Software
Software Telnet AX-25 .. (for Packet-Radio)

APRS Sortie Pages
APRS Validation number information Page
APRS traffic filter setup Page (English)
APRS World Frequency Page
What is APRS Page
APRS-JA Stations Page
APRS-DX Stations Page
APRS UI-View main page (England)
JA1OGS Homebrew project page
Make your own cheap Foxtracker from VU2FD

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