APRS Digipeater/Mobile/Portable information page
Automatic Position Report System
The Fox-digipeater is not available anymore, but a new model will be on the market later
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Foxtrak for mobile/portable use
with a VHF transceiver & GPS
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How to setup a APRS easy simple stand alone fill-in digipeater station and what you need.

This Foxdigi is a complete fill-in standalone version works without a computer.
The Fox-Digi & Fox-trak both are only for 1200bps VHF they all in kit form, and included with a metal case. You have do some easy basic soldering..
All kits are complete with parts and easy read instructions, parts layout, circuit ect, click the above pictures for more details.

1: You need only a Foxdigi kit and a old VHF radio with a vertical antenne. A GPS or a computer is not needed !!

After you solder the Foxdigi kit, you connect a null modem serial cable to your computer and use the hyperterminal from Windows.
Click the above photo to getting full information included all PDF instruction files for the new model Foxdigi kit.
Download and save by using the right mouse click here  Foxdigi old model instructions  after saving this document file read and study this carefully.
Follow the Foxdigi instruction hyperterminal and input your callsign like VK4GO-3 and GPS location setup ect ect.
When that is all finish, you disconnect the Foxdigi and take it to a remote area like a high spot location somewhere.
Then you install this Foxdigi unit connected to 12vdc and to a VHF radio select a special alocated APRS digipeater simplex frequency in your country.
The best way is that all APRS digipeaters are using all the same simplex frequency, that make it more easy for remote portable or mobile stations to find your digi.
That is all what have to be done for a APRS easy Digipeater setup.
Price new model foxdigi is $27.00 plus maybe $5.00 USD shipping

To setup a real main APRS Radioclub full blow digipeater then the best way is using a Tinytrak4.
The Tinytrak4 will repeat all APRS traffic, from Internet to VHF and backwards see link below for price
If you like to have HF APRS 300baud/bps, Mobile/Base/Digi the Tinytrak4 will do all it for you APRS traffic, from Internet to HF and backwards
There is also a other simple way to setup APRS I-Gate internet to a old VHF radio, with a basic soundcard interface and using AGWPE free software
Before there was Packet-Radio using a VHF 1200bps, like Kantronics KPC-3 or PK-232 or MFJ-1270 this can also works without a PC

How to setup a APRS Mobile -9 or Portable -7 station.

2: For a mobile/portable APRS station setup is needed the following parts.

1x Foxtrak
1x GPS (serial model RS-232 output) like a model BR-355
1x Radio VHF in the car or for portable simple handheld like Motorola,Kenwood-TH,Yaesu-VX

After building the Foxtrak connect the unit via a serial cable to your PC and use the setup software, and typ in your callsign like VK4GO-9 and other details.
Download and save by using the right mouse click here  Foxtrak instructions  after saving the document read and study this !!

Price Foxtrak complete kit $22.00 plus maybe $5.00 USD for shipping or together send with the Foxdigi kit.
Price about GPS $49.99 USD plus shipping from GlobalSat in the USA see link below.

There also on the market complete APRS transceivers with a inbuilt TNC and GPS connection
Kenwood TM-D700,TM-D710,TH-D7/D72 or the new model Yaesu FT-M350, FTM-100DR, FTM-400DX, FT-2DR, VX-8R/DR/GX

This GPS BR-355 have a PS-2 connector
Click the above pictures to see the GlobalSat page

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If you need more information call me in Skype ID: ja1ogs or send a email.

Goodluck with the APRS projects and see you soon on the APRS map.
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