Community Fruit & Vege Swap

(west croydon, south australia)


In the park first Saturdays in November and December, and weekly from New Year. During the cooler months, get cosy at our Winter Open Garden Circle - contact us for details.

start your own!

Contact us for a copy of our Keep it Simple guide to 'Start Your Own Community Fruit & Vege Swap' & for personalised support to help you get your own swap up & running


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"I just felt like every individual had a valuable contribution. Literally everyone is committed and knowledgeable in the group! I know that probably shouldn't surprise me, but I've just never really been a part of a community before... I'd recommend the hosting of an Open Garden Circle for others like us who want to garden and are new to the area, because I met at least one swapper who lives nearby so it's a chance to get to know like-minded close neighbours!" - Lisa

"I've been looking for something like this for a long time... people with the same interests. Other things I try to join, people just seem to pass the time fighting with each other." - Stephen

"It's about resilient neighbourhoods... And I've met so many fabulous people." - Annie

"You always learn something new, share ideas." - June

"It's so nice to just sit for a while and chat, not to have to do anything." - Kim

"You never go home angry." - Len


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On our Not-Blog: 'This is community'
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where & when - why vege swap? - how does it work? - not-Blog - recipes - media - other swaps


The West Croydon Community Fruit and Vege swap is entering its fifth summer season. Each week local people gather in a park to swap surplus produce from their gardens, seeds, plants, cuttings, ideas and local knowledge.
This video of West Croydon Community Fruit & Vege Swap was generously provided by esm on Vimeo.
it's the gardener's dilemma:

you've got more peaches, plums or figs than you can possibly use, but you'd love a little of what you see over your neighbour's fence!

Come along & swap
* fruit & vegetables
* herbs
* plants, seeds, cuttings & seedlings
* preserves, jams, etc
* or just come along for a chat and a cuppa
* run by local residents
* totally not for profit
* no money changes hands
* no cost, no strings attached
* everyone welcome
where & when

First Saturdays in November & December,
then WEEKLY from New year to Easter

10 am Saturdays,
McInerney Reserve, Kilkenny
(parking on Pinda St, off Kilkenny Road)

COOLER MONTHS: we meet as a 'Winter Open Garden Circle', monthly on the first Saturday at rotating locations - contact us for details

why Vege swap?

The local 'Community Fruit & Vege Swap' model is as much or more about community as it is about sustainability - and of course, great for your own garden, budget and diet too.

  • reduce waste
  • share the goodness of your garden
  • save money
  • add variety to your diet
  • cut food miles
  • encourage sustainable living
  • share ideas and knowledge
  • get to know your neighbours
  • build stronger community networks

Why wouldn't you?


From the horse's mouth...
Listen to people talk about why they come!
how does it work?

Selling, trading, bartering, exchange? ... no, sharing.

Don't believe it?


No need to bore the world with a regular blog... just come on down to the park!
Here we share occasional items of additional interest:

This is Community (pdf, 44kb)
Looking around at the smiling, relaxed faces and bulging bags, itís clear that everyone present has gained something from the morning. That's how the Vege Swap works, and to my mind, it's the definition of community.....

A Strange Summer (pdf, 55kb)
Another Summer's swapping is over, and what a strange summer it was... Is Climate Change already at work in our own back gardens?

Harvest (pdf, 35kb)
On a sunny Winter's afternoon I and a friend drove her two children, my two-year-old son, a rickety ladder, a roll-along suitcase, a large paper grocery sack and many 'green' bags to a workplace where a large orange tree stood dropping its unharvested fruit.

What we have swapped
How does a small local area produce such incredible variety?

How does it work? I - Local is lovely, simple is sustainable (pdf, 54kb)
Time, care, labour, effort, knowledge, skill - how do you measure these things? You don't - you just value them, and in order to maximise that value you share them, abundantly.

How does it work? II - Off the scales (pdf, 50kb)
I turned up at the park, with some figs, to see what would happen. I really had no expectations, and this was part of the magic.

Growing chillies for the (Adelaide) home garden
How it all began
keep-it-simple recipes

Some of our swappers share their favourite ways to use the produce shared at the Swap!

Current season
Audrey's Anzac Biscuits
Autumn produce
Barbra's Fig Jam
Recipes from the 'Share-It-Around' Vege Swap Lunch, October 2011

Entres, Salads, Soups & Mains
Lisa's Silverbeet & Almond Salad
Vicki's Rosemary & Parmesan Crispy Bics
Lynne's Cheese & Ham Mini Quiches
Julietta's Beetroot Soup (Borscht)
Cassandra's Vegetarian Quiche
Francoise's French Onion Soup


Lisa's Rhubarb & Apple Crumble
Connie's Rocky Road
Kylie's Apple Cake (+ vegan variant)

Francoise & Connie's Preserved Lemons

Recipes tasted at the Swap
mounir & hounaida's tunisien chicken tajine
bj's fish cakes (lynne's husband)
Seasonal recipes
daniela's spicy pumpkin soup
gabrielle's chocolate zucchini cake
one-minute spinach salads
aditi's curry-leaf dahl & vege curry
Click this link to view the story online:
The Advertiser
or view scanned document:
The Advertiser, February 2012
Weekly Times, February 2010
Kaleidoscope, October 2009

Weekly Times, February 2009

other swaps

In Adelaide's Western suburbs, swaps are also currently running at Bowden, Henley, Grange and Semaphore - please contact us for details.

Further afield, check our Links for swaps across Adelaide and similar activities Australia-wide.

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