Hi! My name is Vanessa Pike-Russell and I have been keeping Australian Land Hermit Crabs as pets since 1994. That's over 21 years of learning about these cute little critters. I first learned of them when I was studing to be a primary school teacher (elementary education in the US) and needed a pet that I could keep in a one bedroom apartment. I soon realised they were perfect for small living spaces and that I was addicted. In 2002 I wrote a book on Australian Land Hermit Crabs as Pets which was distributed through Aussie Hermit Crabs supply company to pet stores around Australia.
book cover

A lot has changed since 2002 and I will be writing a new book at some time in the future, until then enjoy the site and please forgive the broken images. I had some images stored on an external website and I am still working through and replacing them with live images. Regards, Vanessa

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