So just what is it that makes the
land hermit crab a wonderful pet?


They are hypo-allergenic - If someone in your family has allergies to fur of any kind then the hermit crab is a wonderful pet because they not only are they fur-less but they are clean animals.
They are suitable for apartment, dorm living, bedroom spaces - this was one of the contributing factors in my purchase of land hermit crabs over six years ago. Their living enclosure only takes up a small space
They don't need to be taken for walks - land hermit crabs receive plenty of exercise from climbing up and down driftwood, exploring coconut cabanas or digging. A really pampered hermit crab could be seen tumbling around in an "Exersphere"1 Watching a hermit crab moving around the room inside an Exersphere or similar is more entertaining than a good night of TV watching!
They don't need to be house-trained like a dog or cat - they won't lick at your face first thing in the morning or bark or scratch to ask to be let out at night.
They are quiet animals - excepting the noise of the shell of a hermit crab tapping gently against the glass. They are odor-less unless the tank is unkempt, and they eat virtually anything!!
Hermit crabs are wonderful pets for children and adults alike - Most of the members of the Hermies eGroups Community that I founded are in fact adults. There are many children in the group but it is the parents that really enjoy crab watching of a night time, when you see a peak in activity and typical hermit crab antics of hanging upside-down, changing shells, climbing driftwood, digging, dancing against the glass and drinking from the waterdish.
This is just a brief glimpse into the wonderful world of the land hermit crab owner and why they make such a wonderful pet.
Don't be fooled, these hardy and curious critters do need a comfy environment for them to really flourish and stay healthy and hyperactive, but it's not rocket science, just plain ol' common sense!

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