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Hermit Crab - Enchanted Learning Software

Good introduction to the hermit crab. "The hermit crab is a type of crab that doesn't have a very hard shell. Not a true crab, it uses other animals' old shells for protection; they especially like old whelk shells. As the hermit crab grows in size, it must find a larger shell..."

Designing Hermit's New Home - Patrick Garcia

Using the literature book, A House for Hermit Crab, by Eric Carle, the students will research Hermit Crabs, the environment they live in, and develop a shadow puppet play, finding and decorating a home for Hermit.Grade Level: 3-6 K-3, Curriculum Areas: Literacy , Science, Visual & Performing Arts

Hermit Crabs - Laura Carlson, Pat Dobson, Yvonne, Kenyon Ann Abbuhl

This unit introduces students to a unique creature of the tidepools-the hermit crab! Students compile information and then create a multi-media project. Grade Level: K-3 3-6 Curriculum Areas: Literacy , Science, Applied Learning

Splash into the Aquarium - Candy Szalay

Get ready for some fishy fun. You will learn about tide pool animals, visit aquariums and ocean habitats on the Web, write to a sea life expert, go on a sea hunt and write an aquarium book. Grade Level: K-3, Curriculum Areas:
Literacy, Science, Applied Learning, Visual & Performing Arts

Junior Sea Creatures Mystery

Curiosity Crew - Michael Glaser

Children's Book Author, Illustrator
& Marine Educator.
Michael is the Author of 'Does Anybody Know Where A Hermit Crab Goes?', the wonderful book about hermit crabs with bright and cheerful illustrations.

Kermit the Hermit

This lesson will examine spending and saving decisions related to the book, Kermit the Hermit, a crab who wished to repay a poor boy's kindness but couldn't figure out how.

A House for a Hermit Crab Lesson

A Webquest for first graders and their parents

Student page on Hermit Crabs

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