Land Hermit Crab Lesson Plans

Land Hermit Crab Lesson Plans

Lesson Four : Diet and needs of a hermit crab

Year Target : 2-4   Duration: 30 Minutes   

Key Learning Areas: Language, Science




Sue Fox's Hermit Crabs: Complete Owner's Guide; Fresh and dried foods including Dessicated coconut, trail mix,


Now that we have learned about the lifecycle and anatomy, we will be looking at the habitat of land hermit crabs in the wild, their diet in the wild, and how to meet their dietary needs. Links will be made with the Food Pyramid and a healthy human diet.


  • Introduction - revisit previous lesson on lifecycle and anatomy and introduce
  • Discussion - what kind of foods would the land hermit crab eat in the wild.
  • Conclusion : Overview of what we have learned today

Sequence of Activities:

* Introduction:


* Exposition:

* Exposition:

* Questioning/Recall:

* Recording:

* Conclusion :

Overview of what we have learned today and return workbooks, glue and scissors



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