Water types in your crabarium

There should be two sources of water in your tank.

  • Fresh water bowl (de-chlorinated and aged)
  • Ocean water pond (de-chlorinated and aged water with ocean salts added such as Instant Ocean)

I once used API Tap Water conditioner but have been advised that whilst it removes heavy metals, chloramines (combination of chlorine and ammonia) and breaks the chlorine-ammonia bond, however it does not remove ammonia from the water.

There are water conditioners which do also neutralise ammonia, such as:

  • Amquel
  • AquaCleanse
  • Prime
  • and others

You should provide water dishes large enought that your hermit crab can submerge (and thus bathe themselves).

I personally also offer water treated with Stress Coat (de-chlorinator with Aloe vera) in a bathing dish when I adopt new hermit crabs or if I find mites or other bugs irritating my crabs. I was introduced to Stress Coat by Crablover Don aka Don Drenning. He gave his non-moulting hermit crabs a bath once a week and it helps create a conditioning external coating that can be helfpul for hermit crabs that are dehydrated due to poor conditions. It is not as popular in the hermit crab community at present but I still use it on occasion.

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