Salt Water Pond

How do I make up the Ocean water solution?

The recommended mixture is around 1/4th of a teaspoon of aquarium (Instant Ocean or Doc Fishwell are the best) salt to a quart of dechloronized water. There are other brands but they are not as popular with land hermit crab owners. Please do not use Hermit Crab Salt as it does not contain the same nutrients as marine salt does. You can purchase the salt in bulk or small amounts but it will save you over time if you choose bulk amounts.

How big does the pond need to be?

The dish needs to be deep enough for the hermit crabs to submerge themselves but not so deep that they can't get out. Some crabbers put river pebbles or glass pebbles in the bottom of the pond to help hermit crabs get traction so they can get out easier.

The bigger the crabs the bigger the pond needs to be. I prefer ceramic dishes but any non-porous container will do in a pinch. Except for plastic. I prefer not to put plastic dishes in case the under tank heater heats it up too much and causes the plastic to melt.

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