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8 Mar 2011: Unfortunately has decided to drop all archived articles - the following ones can no longer be found on their website.  Please use the PDF links below or get the ebook.

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During 1999 I was invited to write a series of articles about Near Earth Objects (NEOs - asteroids, comets and meteorites that occasionally visit the Earth's region of the solar system). With substantial help from Explorezone creator and editor Rob Britt, I have prepared several articles on a wide range of topics related to NEOs and more are planned. Explorezone is now associated with and these articles now appear on the website (no longer!)

The PDFs require Adobe Acrobat Reader. They are copies of the web pages and are subject to copyright. They may be used for research and educational purposes with credit.

Other publications
The following list provides further reading and web links for each of the articles. The references are aimed at a popular science level rather than an expert level. Suggestions for additional links are welcome.

Michael Paine, April 2001.

Chicken Little was right: The sky is falling

Riches in the rubble of the Solar System

Asteroids and tsunami: GOOD NEWS AND BAD

How an asteroid impact causes extinction

Your ancestors may be Martian

Did Asteroid-Induced Firestorm Destroy the Dinosaurs?

 Updates about the KT (Dinosaur) extinction

(see also Impacts and mass extinctions and Environmental effects of impacts)

Prospecting for Oil? Look in asteroid impact craters

Viking Data Still Cause Stir About Mars Life

Search for Large Asteroids Nears Completion, Experts Ponder Gaps in Program.

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