Unveiling of New Town Sign

• Marj Stacey (left) and Lorna Goldsworthy unveiled the new Sea Lake town entrance signs.

The format at this year’s celebration was a little different. Instead of a guest speaker, the Sea Lake Beautification Committee (a sub-committee of Advance Sea Lake Inc.) presented the new town sign for unveiling.

Mr Haeusler explained, "The new town sign has been a project of the Sea Lake Beautification Committee and considerable time and effort has gone into this project."

The sign was designed by local youth, Ivan Crisp, and the prototype constructed by former resident, Kevin Borgelt. The base was also made locally with Rob Conlan of Francis and Mannix Steel Fabricators constructing the stand and Ralph Dorigo of Anjosan making the base and doing the ironstone work. Tom Gill of Berriwillock painted the signs base.

Mr Haeusler said, "The Seagull is the same Seagull in the Tyrrell College logo. It is pictured because Sea Lake is home to one of the largest inland colonies of seagulls in Australia.

"The backdrop of the tyre represents the Mallee Rally which is held in Sea Lake annually over the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in June.

"The brown represents the turned earth and the districts agricultural industry, while the pink is for the hues seen in the salt lake, Lake Tyrrell.

"The yellow and orange rays above the seagull represent the sunshine."

Mr Haeusler then called on Mallee identities, Lorna Goldsworthy and Marj Stacey to officially unveil the sign. Mr Hauesler said these women were chosen as they have lived in the district for many years and they represent, what he believed to be, typical Mallee folk.