Lake Tyrrell Tour Proves Popular

• Assembled for briefing.

• ‘Waves’ of salt.

An enthusiastic crowd gathered at the Mallee Rally start line to join in a trek around Lake Tyrrell on Sunday, October 24.

Gordon (George) Bailey, President of the Sea Lake Off Road Club and Director of the Mallee Rally off road event conducted a briefing for the large group.

A bus carrying twenty passengers (driven by George) and approximately twenty tag-along vehicles and recovery vehicles set off at 9.30 a.m.

The tour negotiated the Tyrrell Creek crossing made up of ironstones which cover a much earlier layer of pine logs, some of which are still visible today.

The first stop was at Site One, an old salt mining site. This section of the lake is generally open to the public and is accessible via ‘Site One Road’, approximately five km north of Sea Lake. A viewing platform is located on this road, with a map pointing out features of the lake.

Many people took the opportunity to walk out onto the lake and feel the salt crust under their feet.

The group then continued around the rally track, passed the abandoned ‘Site Two’ and ‘Jack’s Saltworks’. On arrival at Cheetham Saltworks (Site Three) a B-double was being loaded with salt for a Melbourne company. It was one of three such trucks that cart salt to Melbourne seven days a week.

Many other products, such as pool salt and pet food salt are packed and distributed from here.

Morning tea was enjoyed at the Cheetham Saltworks and the manager, Terry Elliott, gave an informative talk on operations.

The tour continued on to Box Clump, the terrain becoming more sandy as the bus travellers discovered. Excellent views of the northern part of the immense lake were enjoyed. Salt formations on the edge of the lake looked to some like frozen waves on a beach.

The soil type again changed as ‘Box Clump’ drew near and a welcome barbecue lunch and refreshments were ready and waiting.

A dusty trek down the east side of the lake saw both flat saltbush country and hilltops which provided panoramic views of the lake.

Afternoon tea was held at the site of the recent off road club event, high on a hill on Allan’s property (formerly Hart’s). The tour also stopped off at other vantage points along the way and saw a very large eagle’s nest.

Kangaroos, emus, lizards and smaller goannas were also seen around the lake.

The tour arrived back at the finish line at approximately 4.00 p.m. – not the fastest lap but according to the participants a relaxed and enjoyable one.

Another ‘cuppa’ to finish the day off and organisers thanked those who came along, making mention of future plans to construct a monument to commemorate the importance of the event to the township of Sea Lake. A flyer was handed out explaining these plans which will call on the support of the community to raise approximately $3700 to make this project a reality.