2010 Lake Tyrrell Scenic Drive

The bi-annual Sea Lake Off Road Club Lake Tyrrell Scenic Drive on Sunday, October 3, 2010 has been hailed a terrific success.

A record number of 130 people joined the tour which slowly snaked its way out of Sea Lake and onto the Mallee Rally track.

Stopping at Site 1, participants took advantage of the spectacular photo opportunity available with a large amount of water in the lake, which is normally dry.

The tour continued, bumping and rolling along the west side of the lake passing Cheetham Salt works before stopping on the salt pans near Brian and Debbie Elliott’s farm for a much needed walk and amenities break.

Continuing north bound, the tour wound its way to Box Clump, the most northern point of Lake Tyrrell, for lunch.

After relocating the lunch to much clearer ground, to avoid the snakes (thanks to Chris Powell for the use of his hill) everyone was well catered for with salad rolls and icy poles to enjoy.

A very informative talk was given by Jamie Pook about the local aboriginal and geological history of the area.

Willie Hannah from the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Mildura spoke and entertained with his didgeridoo.

After lunch the tour headed south along the east of Lake Tyrrell where the changing scenery fascinated everyone.

At ‘The Bowl’ a true Mallee-style afternoon tea blew the city folk away.

Thanks to the Allan family for allowing the group to use this area.

Keva Lloyd talked about pioneer William Stanbridge, whose original lease was just south of The Bowl.

On the move again, the tour continued to the Mallee Rally Start/Finish line where those staying for tea left the tour and the remaining group headed back into Sea Lake.

A huge thank you was extended to all who helped in anyway – bus drivers, land owners, speakers, George Bailey for his informative commentary, all the caterers and the drivers who towed the toilets.

It was a great day and a huge success for the Sea Lake Off Road Club.

These types of events, which are organised by the Sea Lake Off Road Club, help to fund the Friday night entertainment on Mallee Rally weekend which is enjoyed by the locals and competitors alike.

Well done to all involved.