Talking Electronics PIC Theory
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The first project is essential when designing new projects and for trouble-shooting 
The second project leads you to a lot of programming.
The third project programs PIC chips including 12c508A and 16F84
The Dial Alarm-1 shows what can be done with a PIC12c508A

  •  Logic Probe with Pulser     au$25.80 plus post
    Page1 - Introduction, How the circuit works, The Program, 
    Page2 - Construction, Burning the Chip 
    Page3 - Using the Logic Probe 
    Page4 - Using the Logic Pulser 
                                Page5 - Going Further - adding sounds and tones

  • 5x7 Display   au$59.90 plus post
    Index Page - a list of over 18 pages for the 5x7 Display   

  •   Multi Chip PIC Programmer   au$10.20 plus post
    You will also need the serial cable: au
    $5.30 plus post
    Programs many different PIC chips


  • "In Circuit" ELECTROLYTIC TESTER    au$7.75 plus post
    Tests electrolytics "in circuit."

  • DIAL ALARM -1    au$x.xx plus post
    A complete dialling alarm the size of a pack of cigarettes using a PIC12c508A
    Page 1