Talking Electronics PIC Theory

[A little background on TALKING ELECTRONICS]

[Basic Electronics Theory - A 65 page 
interactive course on basic electronics - only
the first 3 pages are FREE:  P1  P2  P3]

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NEW!  Data Sheets for PIC16F84

  Chapter 0   (read this first)
  BASIC vs Assembly Code
  10 Quirks of the '508A
  10 Tricks for 508A  - New!
  Our two PIC books
  Programming PIC Chips - Part1
  Programming PIC Chips - Part2
  PIC12c508A Instruction-Set
  Explaining the Instruction-Set
  508A Hex Addresses - NEW!
  508A Details - NEW!
  Performing MATHS
  A to D
  50 Questions on the '508A
  Data sheets for PIC16F84 - NEW!
  Library of Routines:
Page1:  library_A-to-bug-1
Page2:  library_button-to-2Buttons-2
Page3:  library_button-to-carry-3
Page4:  library_carry-to-endlessloop-4
Page5:  library_equates-to-labels-5
Page6:  library_LSB-to-output-6
Page7:  library_pageo-to-pgmJumps-7
Page8:  library_pgmSpace-to-sleep-8
Page9:  library_sound-9
Page10:  library_sourcing-to-timeDelays-10
Page11:  library_timing-to-z-11 

    These are the Chapters we have put on the Web for the PIC12C508A and PIC16F84 micros and the secret behind our programming course lies in the "Library of Routines Chapter." This full chapter is available on our CD for $10.00 posted.
    The way the course works is you are actually programming and down-loading into 
    a PIC16F84. You then have the option of  transferring the program into a PIC12C508A to make the project as cheap and compact as possible.  
    We also have a project called "5x7 Video Screen" and this provides a number of experiments for the PIC16F84, so you have a wide choice of experiments.