Talking Electronics PIC Theory


There is so much to say about Talking Electronics, it could fill a book. We'll keep it short and you will see how much we have to offer by the variety of products we have developed. Firstly, all the products we sell have been designed by us. We have produced over 25 books and magazines in the past 15 years and have sold more than 750,000 copies in Australia! All the books contain topics on simple electronics but they are presented in a way that is different to the normal "run of the mill" electronics book. The information is so handy, we are constantly referring to it too!
The books also contain a number of projects and these include games, test equipment, and lots of other ideas. Click Books for more information.
Then we have a range of over 100 kits to teach simple electronics. They include test equipment (Logic Probe, Logic Pulser, Square Wave Oscillator, as well as more than 20 games (LED Zeppelin, LED Flasher, Co-ordinator, touch puzzle, TTL Dice, Lotto Selector, Cube Puzzle, etc) plus some very handy modules for building an alarm system.
Then we have a range of security Devices. We are Australia's largest manufacturer of simple security Devices for the room, window, telephone and car. Click Security for more information.
Then we have our latest development - Two books on the PIC12C508A microcontroller.
The first book PROGRAMMING THE PIC12C508A ($10.00 plus $6.00 post) covers programming the '508A (and PIC16F84), in a way that even the beginner can understand. It's guaranteed they will be programming in a very short time with our completely new concept - never been presented before.
It covers the instruction-set, how to program, lots of tricks and helpful advice, plus a Library of Routines. The Library of Routines provides the power to program very quickly. Click PIC for more information.
Book two ($10.00 plus $6.00 post) covers projects using the amazing '508A micro. Click PIC
for more details. This tiny device has been overlooked in its power to produce amazing projects. The books covers more than 5 projects, including a simple decision-making game called "Do it NOW!" 3 auto-dialing projects for the phone, A Noughts and Crosses game, An advertising display called "Don't Gamble use SHELL!" a simple programmer called a "GANG BURNER" (as you can burn up to five chips at the same time), and an interface board for developing programs in the '508A without wasting a chip. The book also contains prototyping boards for the '508 with intelligently laid-out lands so you can produce a prototype, get it to work, then copy the layout directly onto your own PC board.
Our range of products is enormous, especially when you consider we have designed and produced them ourselves.
On top of this we offer a design service for the PIC microcontroller and a modification service for our security devices. Phone or drop in to our premises (a normal house) at 35 Rosewarne Avenue, Cheltenham, VIC, 3192 Tel: (03) 9584 2386 and the staff will be pleased to discuss your requirements.
Remember we are the largest "bug" producer in Australia and all the designs can be modified to your requirements.