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  Our PIC Logic Probe with Pulser is ready!!!
                   5x7 Display  is ready!!!
                    Multi-Chip Programmer is ready!!! 
NEW!  Dis-assembler for PIC16F84
          NEW!  "In-Circuit" Electrolytic Tester - is ready!!
          NEW!  Dial Alarm-1 - not ready
a complete dialing alarm
                                                                                         the size of a pack of cigarettes!

          NEW!  TAXI PHONE - not ready
auto dialing project.
          NEW!  PICF84 Data!
          NEW!  Testing Transistors
   Diodes,  Zeners, SM database!!
                NEW!  Circuit Symbols! 

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NEW!  500 Pages of Theory!     More than 500 pages of
                                            electronics theory brought to you by Integrated Publishing.
                                             (read 10 pages each time you visit and it will only take 2 months!)
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Welcome to Talking Electronics PIC Programming Course.
This course covers the exciting world of programming PIC microcontrollers. 
(Programmable Interface Chips). The two devices we are covering are PIC 12c508A and PIC 16F84. 
Before starting this course you should have a good knowledge of basic electronics - especially 
connecting pick-up devices to the input of a microcontroller. 
If you are starting-out, you should go to our BASIC ELECTRONICS course. It covers the design of transistor stages (Interface Stages) needed to connect transducers (pick-up devices such as coils, microphones, glass breakage detectors, etc) to PIC micro-controllers.
Once you know about Interfacing, you can go to PIC Theory section (covers the programming of the two PIC chips), then the PIC Projects section, where you will find lots of applications for these amazingly versatile chips. The first PIC project in this section is a Logic Probe with Pulser and then a 5x7 Display project.
You will also need our Multi-Chip Programmer to burn a PIC12c508A for the Logic Probe. We have just designed an "add-on" for the 5x7 Display, an "In-Circuit" Electrolytic Tester and are presently in the process of preparing the article for a '508A Dialing Alarm.         All the software for the projects can be downloaded via .zip files: 5x7 Display Experiments. The software for the multi-Chip programmer is:  IC-PROG, (it's 500k!) see also: IC-Prog help-line and IC-Prog message Board  To compile your .asm files to .hex you will need: MPASM.  
All our
projects are designed to teach you both the theory of how the circuit works and how the program for the microcontroller works. Never before has so much detail gone into a set of projects. After you build a few of them you will have a good grounding in the basics of designing and programming. Kits are available for everything and it's just a matter of getting started

NEW BOOK                                                               15th July
I am in the process of putting all the theory in the Library of Terms and Routines into a 400 page book with 4 main projects plus a number of other articles. This is a major undertaking and although most of the information is available on the website, the convenience of having it in a single reference source is driving me to complete the task - mainly because I want to have it as a reference source myself. In the process, the work is being revised, updated and corrected. 
The book will be published by TAB books and will cost US$24.95   It is still 2 months from completion, then two more months for publishing and printing. 
I will let you know when the release date comes closer. 

New Things have happened!                               30th September 2001
Some radical changes have occurred recently. I have been asked to start a new e-magazine for
POPTRONICS called POPTRONICS Interactive Edition.  Read the full details in the Newsletter.
After one year of writing for the site, I have removed my services and started my own interactive site:
 The arrangement was quite simple. I was to provide an interactive site for the largest paper magazine in the USA - POPTRONICS.  All they had to do was put an article in their magazine each month with a link to the site so the remainder of my detailed projects could be downloaded from the web.
I sent them an article
and waited. I sent them another article and waited. I sent them another article and waited. I waited one year for a response!   Not once did they reply!
The next thing I heard was the collapse of the magazine POPTRONICS!
How could you fail to be successful in the largest country IN THE WORLD?
Since I have not had a reply from the projects manager or the CEO of POPTRONICS, I have decided to put all my projects on my own site:
I have finally taken my own advice. Do everything yourself and don't rely on anyone to do anything for you.

I think you will like my new site.

All the best

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