Novo Online Magazine

Unfortunately, after nine issues, the Novo Online youth magazine is no more. Thank you to all the young writers that volunteered their time to contribute to the magazine.

However, previous issues are available. Here you can find all the past editions of Novo since the first issue was released on 9 March 2000.
We hope you enjoy scanning the archives for articles from your favourite Novo writers, and appreciate how the site and its writing improved over time. 

Apologies if the issue you are looking for is not available, all issues should be available shortly.

A big thank you to the Australian National Library's Pandora Project for archiving a number of Novo's issues. 

Just click on the issue you would like to read:

Issue 1 (9 March 2000)
Issue 2 (27 March 2000)
Issue 3 (10th April 2000)
Issue 4 (22 April 2000)
Issue 5 (May 2000)
Issue 6 (June/July 2000)
Issue 7 (September 200)
Issue 8 (October 2000)
Issue 9 (November 2000)