Here you will find weekly planet.osm extractions for Australian states.

The files are in Garmin .img format, and are loadable into Garmin GPS receivers using tools such as sendmap.

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The planet.osm file is a weekly snapshot of the worldwide (OSM) data.
While the Australian map might look a bit bare in many regions now, the data is growing rapidly. Any complaints about lack of data in your area will be met with a gentle reminder that you can go and add the data yourself, and this is the beauty of such a system.
For some Australian towns the OSM data is already more accurate than other sources (such as Sensis).

While there are other mapping efforts in Australia, they all have problems such as having a closed development model, restrictive licencing or are just plain difficult to update.

OSM avoids these problems by using a creative commons licence, and having mature tools for anyone to use to update the data.

Remember - many hands make light work and many eyes make the data accurate, particularly when the map creators have local knowledge – so get mapping (but before you do, read the Australian tagging guidelines here).

A good visual representation of how OSM is growing can be found here.

Due to its openness and ease of use, I am certain that OSM will become THE map data repository over time.

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