The Wyrrabalong Coastal Track

The Wyrrabalong Coastal Track runs the length of the coast from Bateau Bay, south 3 klms to Wyrrabalong
Lookout. It is a very easy walk. About half way is Crackneck Lookout. From Crackneck its about 1.5 klms north
to Bateau Bay and south 1.5 klms to Wyrrabalong. If you wish to view the lookouts only (both offer great
coastal views) then Cromarty Hill Rd will take you to Wyrrabalong Lookout and Hilltop St to Crackneck.
It took me one and 3/4 hours to do the return walk and have a look around.

To walk the track, turn off The Entrance Rd into Bateau Bay Rd, head on for 1 klm, turn right into Rushby St.
At the end of Rushby, park in the picnic area. The sign for the walk is clearly displayed. The track from Bateau
Bay carpark to Crackneck Lookout slopes upwards very gently, you hardly notice it. There is not much to view
on this section untill you arrive at Crackneck. As you come out of the bush and walk up the slope to the carpark
look behind you !!

Leaving Crackneck, continue south along a wider bush trail. The track splits into about 2 or 3 directions. I had
NO IDEA which one to continue on, so i just guessed and kept to my right, which was correct. There should be
a sign put there. Further along, you walk into an open (type of) heathland, with the most marvellous array of
flora with vibrant colours. The track is a white sand and the contrast to the vegetation was special. Further on
you will see a transmitter tower on a large hill. That is Wyrrabalong Lookout. Wooden stairs take you down into
a bush track again and UP to the lookout. Pretty steep. You arrive at the lookout fence to view Wamberal &
Terrigal beaches. But if you walk about 20 paces from the fence towards the transmitter tower, and then look
to your left, the view is WOW factor.

Here are some photos i have recently taken............

Crackneck Lookout: looking north to Shelly Beach with Tuggerah Beach in the distance.

Heathland between Crackneck and Wyrrabalong Lookouts

Heathland between Crackneck and Wyrrabalong Lookouts. Blazing with colour.

Wyrrabalong Lookout in the distance. That "stick" on the hill is a transmitter.

Transmitter at Wyrrabalong Lookout

Wyrrabalong Lookout: view south to Forresters Beach & Wamberal/Terrigal beaches
(this is a WOW factor view)

Heading back