Mount Wondabyne

Mt. Wondabyne is the highest peak in Brisbane Water National Park, Central Coast NSW. It is situated just west of the speed camera on Woy Woy Rd down near Bulls Hill Quarry. The 360 degree views at the top of Mt. Wondabyne are nothing short of spectacular !! There are 2 main entry points from Woy Woy Rd to Mt. Wondabyne...........

The first entry point is up near Staples Lookout - its an EASY flatish walk, then a short steep climb to the top of Mt. Wondabyne. It would be about 5 klms each way (??) Park your car at Staples Lookout and walk about 300 meters south down Woy Woy Rd then go through the fire-trail gates on your right onto Tommos Loop. Head on down a few hundred yds, where you come to a fire-trail "crossroad". Go straight ahead - it is marked "Great North Walk". Head west along this fire trail for about 1.8 klms and you will come to a bush-track detour off your right marked "Girrakool". This is an option to go down and visit Kariong Brook and the waterfall. Otherwise, continue on the fire trail for about another 1.5 klms (you will swing from travelling west to east during this 1.5 klm) untill you come to a Y intersection - take the right hand fork onto a bush-track. Mt. Wondabyne is very visible now. Travel this for about 1 klm, then turn right (at the end) onto another fire-trail for about 600 meters. At this point you will see a bush track off to your left - this is the climb up Mt. Wondabyn. The bush-track off to your left is opposite the 2 signposts marked "Girrakool >" and "Wondabyne Station & Great North Walk >"

The second entry point is at the fire-trail gates near the speed camera - it would be the easiest and shortest of the two, mainly a fire-trail walk. Go through the fire-trail gate and follow the road into the old quarry for about 750m until you see a left fork which leads to another gate the entrance to Brisbane Water National Park. From the BWNP gate, you will come to a "crossroad" go straight ahead, keeping to the left of Mt Wondabyne, as this is the easiest way. The track winds through wood land, climbing steadily for a bit over 1km. Watch for the Great North Walk trail coming in on the left, and turn right on to it to skirt around the mountain. Less than 1km along this trail there is a track on your right which leads to the summit. It is not a long climb and the view from the top is worth the effort. Continue your journey around the mountain all fairly easy walking until the track begins to descend via rocky steps and outcrops. After it levels out again, it will meet up with a wide fire trail where you will see the 2 signposts "Girrakool >" and "Wondabyne Station & Great North Walk >". Turn right onto this and complete your circle at the ‘crossroad’. Turn left and go back to the gate. The full circle is approximately 4.5km

Here are some photos i have taken............

Mt. Wondabyne in the distance
.......ravaged by New Year's Day 2006 bushfires. The top of THAT is the objective, hehe

At the very top
that "marker" is solid steel that collapsed with the heat of the fires !!

Looking west
beyond the horizon here, one can see Sydney's "Blue Mountains" (doesn't show up in this pic though)

Looking east
towards Woy Woy and the ocean beyond