Redhead to Merewether

this hike is about 8 klms one way and offers some great views and interesting things to see.
You can park your car at the cnr of Iluka and Redhead streets, and take the short walk to the lookout
(see map #2).

Then go to Ocean Street (see Map #2) and about half way along this street (at the cnr of
Ocean and Cowlishaw streets) you will see the beginning of a track .....this is the beginning of
the Goat Track. it will take you down to the rocks below and then head north to Merewether.
Along the way you will see Picture Rocks, hang-gliding, "Mad Dog Rock", dumped cars.

Have another car waiting at Merewether and drive back to where you started at Redhead.

Some parts of this hike is difficult, with a bit of tricky rock-hopping required. The rest is easy.

Going down the Goat Track is dangerous and you need to take your time and be sure-footed.

Here are some photos i have taken............

view south to Swansea from headland lookout at Redhead

"surf's up" at Redhead Beach

shark tower at Redhead Beach

part of the Goat Track at Redhead

descending the Goat Track

OOOOPS ! wrong turn !

Picture Rocks

Picture Rocks......carved by alians ;)

Picture Rocks

hang-gliding south of Dudley Beach

hang-gliding south of Dudley Beach

"Mad Dog Rock" just south of Dudley Beach

on Burwood Beach

fantastic view from Burwood Beach headland

at Merewether >>>>> the Council could "tidy up" their act a bit !