The Bouddi Coastal Trail

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There has been a lot documented about this track, and it is true.......
a most marvellous piece of Central Coast coastal scenery. It is a VERY strenuous hike. It is well sign-posted
and easy to follow. It would take one ages to explore all the areas of this track, so i decided to do the main
track from the beginning at Grahame Rd car-park at MacMasters Beach, down past The Bouddi, past Maitland
Bay beach to Gerrin Point Lookout. The Lookout looks back north into Maitland Bay beach. Then onto Putty
Beach, along the boardwalk.

The section from Gerrin Pt to Putty beach is easy walking and offers outstanding coastal views.

Park at the end of Grahame Rd MacMasters Beach, and head off down the track towards Little Beach.
A hundred yds or so, there is a sign which shows "hikers" off to the right. Follow this and you are on your way !!
For a few klms you walk easily across Bombi Moor. Then you venture down into the Bouddi. VERY strenuous.
You finally come to the eastern headland of Maitland Bay beach at Bouddi Pt. take a nice picy here.
Climb down and walk the length of the beach. Just before the rocks at the western headland, there is a bush
track up on your right........called The Maitland Bay Track. You can't miss the track as you will see the toilets.
This track heads on UP to Maitland Bay car-park. But you turn off this track to the left after a few hundred
yds where the sign says "to Putty Beach". Follow the coast along a fair way till you come to a well constructed
lookout.....Gerrin Point Lookout. A terrific lookout that looks back into Maitland Bay beach. Great view !!!
Leave Gerrin Point Lookout and you head on to Putty Beach. Lots of great views around here. When you reach
the eastern headland of Putty Beach, take a nice picy there and walk down onto the beach.
About 100yds on is Putty Beach camp ground, which is the beginning of Putty Beach Rd.
What a great hike.......worth every aching thigh/calf muscle. hehe

Here are some photos i have taken............

Maitland Bay beach around the next corner

Maitland Bay beach

On the sand

Heading towards Gerrin Pt. Lookout, looking back at Maitland Bay

Looking back into Maitland Bay from Gerrin Pt. Lookout

Putty Beach around the next corner

Looking at Box Head Pt. and Tallow Beach

Across to Palm Beach Sydney

approaching Putty Beach

Putty Beach


my suggestion for those in the "not so fit catagory" is to venture down to Maitland Bay beach
from The Maitland Bay car-park and then onto Gerrin Point Lookout and further to Putty Beach.
Arrange to be picked up at Putty

Maitland Bay car-park is opposite where Maitland Bay Drive joins The Scenic Road

WARNING: The hike UP Maitland Bay Track from the beach to the car-park is a challenge
and is not suited to the unfit or elderly

Bullimah Spur Lookout track: this is a beaut lookout. Leave Maitland Bay car-park and head down
the Maitland Bay track. A few hundred yds down, there is a track off to your right marked "Bullimah Spur".
It is 1.6 klms each way and EASY walking to the lookout, which gives you a high aspect view.

Here are some pics i took........

Some of the track vegetation

From Bullimah Spur looking east into Maitland Bay beach

From Bullimah Spur looking west at Putty Beach, Tallow Beach and Box Head

The following photos are from Killcare Heights Lookout on The Scenic Road.
This lookout is just south of the Maitland Bay car-park

Killcare Heights Lookout

Putty and Tallow Beaches