Little Beach

Little Beach is a little beach hidden between 2 headlands just south of MacMasters Beach.
It is an absolute GEM ! relaxing, peaceful, with council facilities provided >>>> loos, BBQ area, rubbish bins.
Carpeted with emerald green grass.

Little Beach's northern headland is part of the larger 2nd Point headland, with the southern headland
called 3rd Point. From out in the ocean those 2 headlands are very visible, hence, as Captain James Cook
sailed past yonks ago, he named them 2nd and 3rd points. The first headland that Cook saw he named
1st Point, which today is recognised as the headland of Copacabana Beach >>>>>> there is a lookout up
there called Captain Cook Lookout, which is also a good whale watching spot.

You can do a "circuit walk" on this hike. Park your car at the end of Beachview Esplanade, which is just off
the Scenic Road, south of MacMasters Beach. You will see the commencement of a firetrail at the end of
the road, walk this firetrail (which we will call the MAIN trail) for 100yds and then turn onto another firetrail
on your left called "2nd Point Track". The grade is gently uphill for 530 yards to the very end. From this point
you can view MacMasters Beach. Retrace your steps to the MAIN trail and turn left onto it. A further
200 yards along the MAIN firetrail, there is a firetrail off to your left >>>>> give it a miss, nothing down there.
At 150 yards further on on the MAIN trail, it turns sharply left. Follow this for another 280 yards (to almost
the end) and turn onto a bushtrack on your right >>>>>> this is the bush-track that takes you DOWN to
Little Beach.......and i do mean DOWN ! the grade is severe. I'm glad i did the circuit in a "clockwise direction"
instead of the other way, as going UP that bush-track from Little Beach below would be a killer ! After relaxing
a bit on Little Beach and exploring around on the rocks of the northern headland, find the bush-track at the
head of Little Beach near the signpost and dunnies. This bush-track is about 550 yards (not steep) and takes
you to the car park at Grahame Road. (As you get near the car park you will see a track off to the left >>>>
this is the start of the Bouddi Coastal Trail which takes you down to Maitland Bay and onto Putty Beach
Walk Grahame Road up to Scenic Road, turn right and finish off with a 1.5 klm road walk back to your car.

As an alternative, you could park your car at the end of Grahame Road, do the road walk (the Scenic Road)
first to Beachview Esplanade further north THEN the firetrails to Little Beach, finishing with a short walk
from there, up to your car.

One of the most interesting Little hikes of 4.5 klm i've done !..........

Here are some photos i took............

foxes about.....i didn't see any tho

on the way up, on 2nd Point track

looking into MacMasters Beach from 2nd Point track

3rd Point headland

bush-track down to Little Beach....extremely steep !

Little Beach

Little Beach

with Directory Board on the left and dunny on the right, the exit up to Grahame Rd car park.