Katandra Reserve

Katandra means "Song Of Birds". The mountain reserve is located off The Entrance Rd. at Erina Heights.
The walk starts at the reserve carpark which is at the end of Katandra Rd. which runs off Wattle Tree Rd. and
Carlton before that. The highlights are the rainforest in the earlier stage followed by a steepish climb up to
St. John Lookout with views east over Erina and further to Terrigal on the horizon.

The first stage of the walk is Watermans Walk which takes you to Seymour Pond. You can do a loop walk around
the pond through a dense rainforest. This section is flat. Then continue on to Toomeys Walk which takes you
up the mountain to the lookout. It is moderate with some steep bits. The lookout is in a large picnic area.
You can also access the lookout directly by road, if you take Tapley's, Taylors and Toomeys roads at Lisarow.

Overall, this venture into the Reserve is wonderful. There is a cool atmosphere feeling around the rainforest
area of Seymour Pond in the lower section. The feeling of being immersed in figs, vines, ferns, palms, mosses
and interesting fungi found along the creeks is pleasant and peaceful.

Here are some photos i have taken............

Car park at the Reserve's entry, Katandra Rd.

Ascending the rainforest on Toomeys Walk.
(Look closely and you will see a tree on the left on the top stair. Its vines, all intertwined, follow the
staircase closely on the left. Unbelievable.)

Approaching the objective

St. John Lookout: viewing Matcham Valley, Erina Heights, Terrigal beyond
(and yes, that shadow top-left is my finger)

recommend this hike !! wonderful rainforest, good walking exercise (must be fit though),
and a nice view at the top.