Box Head Track

The Box Head Track begins at the fire trail gates at the end of Hawke Head Drive, Box Head.
Hawke Head Drive itself is JUST passable as a 2WD track so drive to the very end of the road taking care.
Walk from the fire trail gates, ignoring the track signs to Lobster beach (on right) and Tallow beach (on the left).

The walk itself is easy throughout and well sign-posted. The walk took me 30 minutes from beginning to the
very end lookout. It would be a bit over 2 klms each way. About 2/3 of the way thru, you lose a distinct track,
as you scramble over a few rock platforms, but if you keep going straight ahead, you soon pick it up.

The lookout itself is on a rocky outcrop at the very end. There are no safety barriers, so you need to be careful.

Here are some photos i have recently taken............


Along the the right, of Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River beyond

Along the track....looking to the left and back at Tallow Beach and Putty Beach beyond

Aproaching the very end of Box Head

Along the track....looking to the right and back, at Ocean/Umina Beaches

At the end of Box Head......across Broken Bay to Sydney's Barrenjoey Headland
and its Pittwater to the right

At the end of Box Head......back up the coast to Putty Beach in the center

At the end of Box Head......looking west (on my right) across Broken Bay to Lion Island
and the Hawkesbury River beyond

The following pictures were taken around Tallow Beach and going around the base of Box Head.
From the fire-trail-gates, take the track to the left marked "Tallow Beach".
From Tallow you can easily walk around the base of Box Head at low tide.

The last few photos were taken on a rock ledge at the fire-trail-gates and from Hawke Head Drive.

On the way down to Tallow Beach from the fire-trail-gates

Down twards Tallow Beach

On Tallow Beach

Looking back at Tallow Beach

On the rocks

Nice splash !

At Little Tallow, looking at Box Head

Little Tallow
The geology and structure of this region is more than 200 million years old.
We are just a spark in a fleeting moment in time :D

The track

Looking back at the 2 Tallows

AHOY ! the base of Box Head !

On the Lobster Beach track

Like a serpant of the Nile, Box Head guards the entry to Broken Bay

Lion Island

Looking across to Pearl Beach and Middle Head

Putty Beach

looking across to Ettalong