Munmorah State Conservation Park

The Munmorah State Conservation Park would have the best coastal views on the Central Coast. The park would extend from Lake Munmorah in the south to Catherine Hill Bay in the north. The Park is a heathland and gives a feeling of timelessness.

The best access is from the Pacific Highway on the Park's western boundary. The entry is at the intersection of the Pacific Highway and Kanangra Drive, Lake Munmorah. Turn into the Park at that intersection OPPOSITE Kanangra Drive onto Blue Wren Drive. Then after about one and a half kilometeres turn left into Campbell Drive. Head north for about 2 kilometeres, then turn right into Wybung Head Rd. Wybung Head Lookout is about a kilometer along on the right. This lookout is breathtaking !!

Retrace your steps back up Wybung Head Rd and then turn right into Campbell Drive. After a kilometer, turn right into Frazer Beach Rd. The beach at the end is worth a look and a walk. Retace steps back to Campbell Drive and turn right. After half a kilometer, the road swings to the right (from bitumen) onto good gravel......this is the beginning of Snapper Point Rd. About half a kilometer up this gravel road at the top, you will notice on your left a parking bay with a closed gate and 3 posts -----> this is the commencement of the Moonee Beach Walking Trail, where you can walk to Moonee and Ghosties Beaches and further on to Catherine Hill Bay. It is an easy walk, but long. If that's not for you, continue on down Snapper Point Road to the very end, where there is good parking. From there you can see the blowhole and a very short walk will take you to some good rock fishing. The car park will give you some good views of Frazer Beach also.

Here are some photos i took in March 2007............

Wybung Head Lookout - showing Birdie Beach, Bird Island on left
and Norah Head Lighthouse on the horizon on left

Wybung Head

Frazer Beach

Frazer Beach, from Snapper Point

Blowhole at Snapper Point

Rock Fishing at Snapper Point

Bongon Head, from Snapper Point

The Moonee Beach Walking Trail starts at the car park off Snapper Point Road. Turn into Snapper Point Rd from Campbell Drive and drive about one kilometer up the good gravel road, where you will notice a car park on your is the correct car park if it contains 3 posts and a locked gate. The walk from there to Moonee Beach is easy. Walk to the northern end of the beach and around the headland rocks and find "Pink Rock" sea-cave. It is difficult to continue on past this point, so retrace steps back a hundred meters and climb up the headland to the heath on top....from there it is an easy walk to Catherine Hill Bay. On the way back to Moonee Beach, continue to the southern end and around the point (sandy) to Ghosties Beach. At the western end you will find the sea-cave. Back to Moonee Beach and retrace your steps back to the car park at Snapper Point Rd.

Here are some photos i took in March 2007............

Beginning of Moonee Beach Walking Trail (3 posts, 1 gate)

Car Park View of Ghosties Beach and Flat Rocks Point

Ghosties Beach from heathland

Easy Walking Fire-Trail

Approaching Moonee Beach

Moonee Beach from northern end

"Moonscape" at north head of Moonee Beach

Moonee Point

"Pink Rocks Cave" Inlet



Approaching historic Catherine Hill Bay

Coal Loading Jetty

Rusting Chain and Ancor - tied to cliff face rock !

Beach at Catherine Hill Bay

Catherine Hill Bay Surf Club - "a SeaGull's take off" !

Historic Jetty

Tankers awaiting to port at Newcastle

Moonee Beach from heathland

Moonee Beach from heathland

Emergency Life Bouy

Ghosties Beach

Ghosties Beach

Sheer cliffs as a backdrop

Sea-Cave entry at western end of Ghosties

The other end

Leaving the Sea-Cave (spooky in there lol)

Tankers at Ghosties with sea-cave on right

Flat Rocks Point at Ghosties Beach