Allan Strom Lookout

Allan Strom Lookout is accessed from Wards Hill Rd, Killcare.
When you reach the top of Wards Hill Rd (travelling from Empire Bay Rd), about a further few hundred metres on
your right you will see some chained steel posts.....that's the beginning of the 20 minute flat fire-trail walk to the
Lookout (heading west). The view is just great !

Here are some photos i took............

OK, off we go !

After a 20 minute quick walk.......

Allan Strom Lookout

Just great !

Viewing to the right >>>>> Looking twards Ettalong

Viewing center >>>>> Looking twards Wagstaffe

Viewing to the left >>>>> Hardys Bay coming up !

Hardys Bay

Hardys Bay.....and yes, i wish i had a boat down there !