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Other Cycling groups that I'm involved with and sites that I frequent:

CAMWEST is a group of cyclists in Western Sydney who conduct community rides and advocate for better cycling facilites.

Bikely allows cyclists from around the world to map, annotate and share their favourite cycling routes. See some of the routes that I've entered.

Bicycle NSW is the peak cycling body for NSW.


I love cycling! Just thought I'd get that out in the open to start with. I reckon it doesn't get too much better for cycling than Outer Western Sydney (OK, I'm biased too). Yeah, there are issues, but not as many as other parts of Sydney. I live just near the M7 shared path. Although it's been called 'The path to nowhere'(2/3 of it runs north/south, while the majority of people tend to travel east/west for a lot of their journeys), it does link up (or nearly...) with a number of other paths and some quiet roads. It's also great for going out for a car-free spin on in the evening.

As well as cycling around Western Sydney, I've done some other supported and unsupported trips around other parts of NSW, ACT & Victoria. My family live in East Gippsland in Victoria, so I do a bit of riding around that area too.

On this and the other cycling pages on this site you'll find some of the adventures that I've had since rediscovering the joy of cycling in 2001.

>> Some Organised and Self-Supported tours that I've been involved with:

Last Updated: 23/11/2008