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Some issues that are raised as a result of our current lifestyles:

Ecological Footprint and living with less

The world has a finite and measurable amount of land & resources available. It also contains a (more or less) known population. If everyone in the world were to have an equal chance in life, then everyone should have access to the same quantity and quality of land and resources. The concept of Ecological Footprint measures how much land it would take to maintain current lifestyles. There's only one small problem: We 'afluent' societies are using 4 to 6 times the amount that would be required if everybody were equal....which means (1) There must be other people trying to survive on well under the average and/or (2) We are living on 'Nature's interest'. We may be able to survive like this for a little while, but sooner or later interest payments always seem to catch up....

Ecological Footprints of Nations
Ecological Footprint Household Evaluation
Simple Living
The New Road Map Foundation


How much of the oil left is ecconomically retrievable? One of the cornerstones of our ecconomy is access to cheap and readily available oil. Yes, there are alternative fuels, but none as cheap or versatile as oil.Will our ecconomy be able to adjust fast enough when the crunch comes? What about the pollution and likely 'Greenhouse' implacations that burning oil and other fossil fuels may be having now?

Hubbertpeak - US site that says we are nearing the peak in world oil production. (Australia and other non OPEC countries have already peaked).
Camwest's Oil Watch page, from Western Sydney's CAMWEST cycling advocacy group - Heaps of info and links on oil and pricing.

Soil Salinity

Soil Salinity is a problem 'on the rise' affecting large sections of NSW, including the food producing areas around the Murray River and to a lesser extent at present, some areas of Western Sydney.

Salinity explained - Site focusing on salinity issues in NSW.

Light Pollution - See Link.


Some Other Interesting Sites

Local Groups

CAMWEST - Cyclists Action Movement, Western Sydney
Save the ADI site - The ADI site is a parcel of land just north of St Marys and Werrington in Western Sydney. A number of locals want to see the site kept out of the developers hands for some very good reasons....

Other Sites

Alternative Technology Association - Publishers of Renew magazine, and a good source of basic info and links.
Sydney Building & Information Centre
Less Traffic - Positive & creative ways we can reclaim our streets for everybody - not just cars.
Appliance Energy Ratings - Interactive list of whitegoods currently on the market with their star rating and comparison yearly electricity consumption figures.
Folk Australia - Folk gig guide, festival calendar, music reviews etc
Sydney Water Current Storage Levels

Sydney Area Public Transport - General info and timetables on public transport in and around Sydney, covering cityrail, private and government buses and ferries. - Official site for Sydney's cityrail - Westbus info & timetables - Busways info & timetables - Official site for Sydney (government run) buses and Ferries. - Airport link rail line. Group fares now available (Up to 4 people travelling one-way from aiport to any suburb between Clyde & Penrith for $35) - Light rail and monorail systems

Hot Water System Links - Links on the 'Hot Water' page to efficient Hot Water systems and rebates available.