Happy snaps


Tina (the mother) and the latest batch of 12 ducklings, a few days old. Tina flew off a couple of weeks after this photo was taken. (Obviously I wasn't meeting all her needs, so she left me for another quack. And no, I wasn't left 'holding the babies'. They were old enough to fend for themselves by then).
Yoshie (the father) with 3 of the ducklings when they're about 8 weeks old. I've kept one of the ducklings (a female), given 8 away, and well, ask the next door neighbour's dog what happened to the other 3...

'Sonya' flew in one day before Tina was on the scene, stayed for a few weeks and then disappeared. The first time I saw her was early one morning as I was preparing to tuck into some breakfast. She was standing on the outside of the wire mesh front fence, and Yoshie on the inside in his yard. I thought I was seeing double at first. I had the radio tuned to the ABC, and at that instant they were playing the song 'It must be love', which is the only time I've heard that played on the ABC.
Sonya having a swim. In the photo on the right, Yoshie is standing in his favourite position. It's not too difficult to guess why the water turns green very quickly...

'Family' shot, taken 23rd July 2001. Yoshie (on right) passed away 8 days after this photo was taken - He was about 6 years old. The black and white duck is Dot (the female duckling mentioned above,her name being an abbreviation for Daughter Of Tina) and the two smaller white ducks are Nurra & Gingy. I offered to look after them (as ducklings) after they were found dumped at the local Nurragingy park.