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Note : I'll state from the outset that I have a bias towards presenting information and links relevant to the Sydney area and Western Sydney in particular. However, a good deal of the information presented here would be applicable to the wider community.

Apart from the diversions along the way, the main aim of this site is to try and awaken in people a realisation that the actions and decisions that we all make now can affect the world and future generations for a long time to come. Most people don't set out to do things that will have adverse consequences down the track, but through our ignorance, greed and/or laziness, I fear that we as a society have embarked upon such a path.

Yes, there are heaps of problems that we are creating for ourselves on top of those that past generations have left with us. But that is no reason why we should continue along the same paths and compound these problems for future generations. There are better ways for doing a lot of things. A lot of them are out there in the 'alternative' realm at present, but are slowly becoming more 'mainstream'. (Recycling for example). Some of them just require us to stop and think - 'Is there a better way to do this?' Just because something has been done in a particular way in the past doesn't mean that there isn't a better way of doing it now.

To whet your appetite, here a few examples of doing things a smarter way: (The first two would only be applicable to home-owners, as they require minor house modifications and a fair capital outlay).

There are heaps of web sites around that prompt us to think about how the decisions we make may impact on people elsewhere and in future generations. Some focus on resource use, while others are more concerned with lifestyle and sustainability issues. I've listed a few of them on the Links page.

Although coming a good way down the list of most important issues as far as I'm concerned, I hope to present information that in some way may aid people in making decisions that will result in them being able to reduce their electricity consumption.

There are several reasons for choosing this subject:

The principles explored here for reducing electricity consumption are similar to those in other areas of resource use. ie Learn enough about the subject so informed decisions can then be made.

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