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This is what it was about, although I would phrase things differently today:


This site is dedicated to the resolution of conflict between separated parents.

Interfamily conflict among reconstructed families is a huge problem in today's societies all over the world.

Without family unity, relational ties between generations, society is a collection of lonely individuals without hope and without a sense of belonging.

Separated parents are struggling to make sense of their lives without the benefit of a working model to guide them in their behaviour choices. Many people are in pain. Many people are desperate. Many children grieve silently and without the means to articulate their longing for a loving relationship with both parents that they can share without fear of reprisal.

It is up to the adults involved to find the means to overcome their personal grievances as quickly as possible in order to repair the damaged fabric of human society. Species against species is one thing, race against race another, clan against clan tragic, but when the most basic elements of human relationships disintegrate, divided we fall.

More Later.