I'm sure you've already noticed, but there are few pressing matters that we humans need to


Firstly there's the impending Global Crisis

And also, the ever increasing breakdown in Family Relationships

resolve:1. Dissolve (t. & i.; into), disintegrate, analyse, break up into parts, dissipate, convert or be converted into, reduce by mental analysis (mus.) convert (discord) or be converted into concord. 2. Solve, explain, clear up, settle, (all doubts were ~d; ~ me this, arch., answer this question; the problem of its origin has not yet been ~d). 3. Decide upon, make up one's mind upon action or doing or to do, form mentally or (of legislative body or public meeting) pass by vote the resolution that, (of circumstances etc., bring (person) to resolution to do or upon action or doing, (he ~d upon or... resolution come to in the mind (& she kep her ~); (poet.) resolution, steadfastness, (a mind, deeds, of high ~). [ME, f. L re(solvere solut- SOLVE), RE- 5]

Concise Oxford Dictionary, 5th Edition, 1963.