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This is the homepage for the Sustainable Future webring. The Sustainable Future webring is focused on information, ideas and technologies which suggest a possible way forward for life on the planet, given the unsustainability of the current socio-economic system. Content of sites added to the ring will include sustainable agriculture (permaculture), sustainable technologies (eg solar power), intentional communities, eco-villages, human equality issues, local economies (LETS schemes), self-sufficiency, conservation and related subjects.

As a guide to what sort of content will be included in this webring, visit the Ringmaster's Site or view other sites in the ring by clicking on the links ("next", "list", etc) in the webring image below. If you would like to link your page to this webring, please fill in the form and submit it. You will receive an email with a copy of the html fragment that you need to add to your page before you will become part of the ring. The resulting image on your page will look like the one at the bottom of this page. Please notify the Ringmanager by email when you have added this fragment to your page. You will be informed by email when your site has been added to the ring.

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