The HTML Fragment

The following is a fragment of html code which must be added to the page whose URL you submit, in order for your site to become a part of the webring. You will be sent a personalised copy of it by email when you submit your site to the queue, but in case that goes astray, bookmark this page so that you can easily find it again.
Note: you must replace the words YourID with your site ID, which you will be informed of when you submit your site to the webring queue (a number under 40). If you forget your ID, email the Ringmanager.

<!--begin Sustainable Future code-->

<center> <table border=3>;
<tr><td align=center> <a href="">

<IMG SRC="" height=101 width=289 alt="Join the Sustainable Future Webring"></a> </td> </tr>
<tr> <td align=center>
[<a href="" target="_top">Prev</a>|
<a href="" target="_top">Next</a>|
<a href="" target="_top">Skip Next</a>|
<a href="" target="_top">Random</a>|
<a href="" target="_top">Next 5</a>|
<a href="" target="_top">List Sites</a>]

<!--end Sustainable Future Code-->

This is what it will look like on your page:

Join the Sustainable Future Webring
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