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This site originally presented the work of Ted Trainer of the University of New South Wales from the unit booklet of a General Studies unit he ran called "Ecosystems, Technology and Human Habitation". He has since updated this work and put it on his own website and it can now be found at

Below are some of the quotes he included in his booklet and various links. 


"...What we must aim for is not growth, but negative growth or economic and demographic contraction."

E. Goldsmith The Great U Turn 1988, p 193

"...If we do not bring down these growth curves deliberately, then I can assure you that in the lifetimes of our children they will come down anyway."

David Suzuki, "Wilderness in the age of technology", Habitat Dec 1988, p 10

"The relentless pursuit of economic growth... has brought human kind to the brink of a disaster which is unprecedented in history."

The English Green Party

"...ever increasing growth in consumption of resources can no longer be sustained... We have no choice but to cut back, and quickly if we are to stabilise our planet."

G Chittleborough, Should Our Grandchildren Know? Freemantle Arts Press 1992, p 193

"I have no hesitation in stating that in an ecologically sustainable society the standard of living as measured by material possessions must fall in the industrialised world, as we are living beyond our means."

H Washington Ecosolutions 1991, p 183

" is no longer tenable to make economic growth...the unquestioned objective of economic development policy ...limits to growth have already been reached ... the level of per capita resource use of the rich countries cannot be generalised to the poor..."

R Goodland H Daly and S El Serafy Environmentally Sustainable Economic Development Building on Brundtland, July 1991, pp 1, 5, 23

"The highest priority is to (halt) any further production growth in rich countries..."
R Hueting, "The Brundtland Reports; a matter of conflicting goals" Ecological Economics 2, 109-117.

Take the Nature Challenge

The Sociology of "Growth"

"We can no longer have everything we want, but we can be more than we ever imagined."
Howard Jerome

"If only people could see each other as agents of each others' happiness, they could occupy the earth, their common habitation, in peace, and move forward confidently together to their common goal. The prospect changes when they regard each other as obstacles; soon they have no choice left but to flee or be forever fighting. Humankind then seems nothing but a gigantic error of nature."
Abbe Sieyes, Prelude to the Constitution, 1789 France

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"Sustainability: a Choice to Consider" deals with the process of choosing as a population to pursue sustainability in a world thick with propaganda saying there is no alternative to perpetual economic expansion.sustain
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